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 Pavementology - Aims and Objectives 



The Pavementology project aims to bring the story of contemporary street performing to a wider public audience using a range of special events, walking tours, exhibitions, workshops, talks and performances.



Demonstrate the value that street art brings to: 


1)     Community cohesion.

Street performance brings strangers together to give them shared experiences. Interaction with artists can brighten people’s day and increase well-being and community identity.

2)     Retail and economic prosperity.“Happy shoppers spend more money!” Visitors remember engagements with artists over the shops they visited. Street performance can help establish cultural identity and increase quality of life. This can make locations more desirable to live and work. 


The project will also raise general awareness of the day to day lives of street performers and some of the issues they face in their chosen art form, and offer opportunities for local communities to engage with and celebrate local street performing.   





Available for one off talks and special events

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